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Dance Styles Defined


Ballet is an art form using dancing and music to convey a story, theme, or atmosphere. Ballet is a dance style in which conventional poses and steps are combined with light flowing figures (such as leaps and turns). This style of dance is the bases of many other styles you see today and gives dancers technical aspects they will use throughout their dance experience. We focus on body alignment, flexibility, control/balance, proper technique, and posture.


Jazz is an upbeat style of dance that usually includes tricks , turns, jumps, and kicks. Dancers will learn the many different classical techniques as well as new age styles of jazz dance. These classes focus on musicality, rhythm, synchronization, strength, and flexibility. 


Tap is a historical rhythmic style of dance that sounds are made using your feet! Dancers will learn the foundations of this energetic style of dance while being taught synchronization, and musicality.

Lyrical and Contemporary 

Both of these styles are a branch off of ballet and jazz dance.  Usually a slower emotional style of dance. Lyrical and Contemporary  are storytelling dance styles that require a focus on body lines, emotions, and other technical aspects of dance (I.E. turns, leaps, flexibility)

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance is a style of movement characterized by bounces and rocks, executed to age appropriate Hip Hop music. It has deep historical and social roots that represents the freedom to learn, grow, and evolve. Hip Hop is a grounded high energy form of dance that provides fun for all ages!


Acro/Tumbling focuses on the basic techniques  of gymnastics and acrobatics. These classes aid in how to safely execute new skills and tricks while working on strength, flexibility, and proper body alignments

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